3 April, 2011 18:24

April 3, 2011

Brite Student Government

BSA minutes: March 25, 2011, Weatherly Hall


BSA Members Present: Dr. Brian Feille, Micah James, Adam Brett, Heather Santi, Jonathan Brink, Douglass Anne Cartwright, Sam Castleberry

Others Present: none

Meeting Chaired by: Sam Castleberry, meeting called to order at 12:03pm


Officer positions:

-Cartwright will step-down as Agape Meal coordinator, and make a decision regarding a new position as “secretary” on April 1 meeting. Cartwright will attempt to locate an appointment to the Agape Meal coordinator for next semester. (Sarah Almanza suggested by Cartwright)

-Santi will remain as Community Conversation Coordinator

-Brink was nominated as vice-moderator

-Castleberry will visit with Jacquelyn Morgan to ask if she desires to continue her role as chaplain.

-Christal will be asked to remain as Treasurer

Community Conversation 3/29

Santi will visit with Dr. Hessell-Robinson to coordinate March 29 meal.


Ideas for the summer: A Crawfish Boil was mentioned; conversation tabled to next week.

Ideas for next semester: 1) Possibility of creating a special events director to work with faculty/staff 2) Creating a community conversation or program to orient new students to the ordinaiton proces..

T-Shirts: No updates

Assignments: Cartwright to search for Agape Meal replacement. Santi to coordinate with Hessel-Robinson Re: 3/29 meal. Castleberry will ask Morgan about position for next semester.

Minutes passed: 4/1/11