Brittan Excellence in Teaching Award

The Louise Clark Brittan Endowed Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award is given by the student body to recognize superlative teaching performance and is funded by a generous donation from Louise Clark Brittan.

This is your opportunity to express your appreciation for the dedication of our faculty. The award is available to all full-time faculty members who have not received the Brittan Award in the previous two years. It is not a popularity contest: neither should it be given to the easiest or even the most challenging professor you have encountered.

Criteria include: a strong lecturer and discussion facilitator; the ability to implement diverse teaching methods; and consistent evaluation of students’ work. The recipient should be a diligent worker who maintains high standards in their own work as well as the work of students. They should demonstrate the values of community and scholarship held in high esteem at Brite.

Due to the generosity of two donors, Brite Divinity School is able to give two annual awards of $3,000 each to two faculty members: The Louise Clark Brittan Endowed Excellence in Teaching Award and the Catherine Saylor Hill Endowed Faculty Excellence Award. Each year students select the Brittan Award winner and the faculty select the Hill winner. In no year will both awards be given to the same faculty member. In the event the faculty chooses the same recipient, the students’ second choice will be their honoree for that year. 

*Recipients of the Brittan Award for the past two years are ineligible:

Brittan 2021: Tomi Oredein

Brittan 2022: Wil Gafney

Voting for 2023 Brittan Award has not opened yet. The winner will be announced at the Spring Celebration on Thursday, April 27, 2023