Brite Selected for Seminaries that Change the World List

October 17, 2018

Brite is among Seminaries that Change the WorldFor the  fourth consecutive year, Brite Divinity School was selected for inclusion on The Center for Faith and Service at McCormick Seminary’s annual list of Seminaries that Change the World (STCTW.)

STCTW highlights a select group of seminaries and divinity schools offering innovative courses, programs, and opportunities for students seeking to engage in social justice and service work while in seminary.

“Brite’s commitment

to integrating scholarship, justice, and practice creates a teaching and learning community that transforms churches and communities. Our students, faculty, and staff ask the kinds of questions that change perspectives, offer new visions, and broaden the conversation around us. Our commitments to inclusion show up in a pledge to work for racial and economic justice, to value fully LGBTQIA persons and communities, and to engage in practices that are open and hospitable. As a result, not only does Brite transform and change the world but our students and graduates lead communities into the radical work of the gospel.” ~ President Williams & Dean Marshall

We are honored to be listed among these elite world-changing seminaries, as we continue the work of integrating and transforming scholarship, justice, and practice in congregations, the academy, and the world.

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