Summer 2021

Brite’s summer courses will be held online. While some of the summer courses will utilize synchronous Zoom meetings for only part of each day with asynchronous work the rest of the day, students enrolled in one-week courses should continue to reserve the entire day for course-related activities. Similarly, students enrolled in two-week courses over the summer should expect to devote at least half of each day to course related activities.

Summer 2021 Class Schedule
Summer 2021 Prospectuses

Is it time for Continuing Education credits? Do you need transfer credits?

Enroll as a Special Student or Community Auditor in a summer course at Brite.

Special Student enrollment earns graduate credit which may be transferred to other graduate institutions or satisfy professional development requirements.

Application Deadlines:

April 1 for May courses

May 1 for June/July courses

Start your non-degree application here.

You may be eligible to enroll as a Community Auditor if credits are not needed. Community Auditors are admitted to classes as space is available with written permission of the instructor and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Our Office of Admissions is pleased to answer any of your questions or schedule a virtual meeting to aid in your discernment.