Authorization by Brite Housing Adult Resident for Criminal Background Check

    The following states (AL, AR, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, MI, OR, SC, TX, WI) require sex and race to obtain information:

    List states and counties of residence, other than above for the past sever (7) years:

    I hereby authorize, without limitation, any party or agency contacted by Brite Divinity School,, any of its agents or any entity employed by Brite Divinity School to conduct an external review of my background.

    I hereby release Brite Divinity School and its agents, employees and agents and employees of any party or entity contacted by Brite Divinity School for purposes of providing criminal background information from any and all claims that I may have arising from or relating to the collection or reporting of information obtained in the process of a criminal background investigation to assure my qualification for occupancy as a resident in Brite Housing.

    I understand that my date of birth is used solely as an identifier to avoid possible misidentification while completing the background check process.

    I have read and understand the information above, and I give my permission to Brite Divinity School to conduct a criminal background investigation as a pre-requisite to residency in Brite Housing.


    $20 fee payable online. This is a non-refundable application processing fee. Do NOT send cash.