Advance Registration Information & Updated Tentative Spring 2011 Schedule

March 24, 2010

Advance registration for the Brite Summer 2010 and Fall 2010 terms begins on Monday, March 29th. Priority is given to students near the end of their academic programs according to the schedule in the attached document. Please note that non-degree students are not eligible for advance registration.

The registrar’s office is in the process of activating Brite’s enrollment appointments.  I expect this process to be completed later today or tomorrow.  Once this is done, you can view the information on your student center page by entering the “” portal and clicking on “Student Center.”  Enrollment appointment information will be on the lower portion of your student center page just above your advisor information. Click on “details” for the specific date/time that you will be able to begin registration.

Remember, in order to advance register for Spring 2010 courses, three-fourths of your financial account must be current.  This includes Brite student housing rent, tuition, fees, and any miscellaneous charges that have been billed.  If you have questions regarding your account, contact Ms. Wendy Crowley, Director of Student Accounts, in Sadler Hall, room 104 (or call 817-257-7836).

PLEASE NOTE: The system periodically prompts you to verify your address/phone information and may display that information as you try to enter the Student Center pages.  You will not be allowed to access your Student Center page for enrollment until you respond to the verification prompts.

Tentative Spring 2011 Schedule update: I am taking advantage of this email communication to also send an updated version (dated 3/23/10) of the Tentative Spring 2011 Course Schedule. One course, HEBI 65013/85013 Exegesis in the Hebrew Bible, has been added since the 3/19 version I sent out last Friday.

Tentative Spring 2011 Schedule update

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