An Invitation and Special Announcement about Brite Chapel

January 25, 2010

Dear Friends,

I invite you to come and worship with us tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. in a special service as we celebrate our community of faith. Dr. Valerie Forstman, Director of Admissions at Brite and an ordained minister of the Disciples of Christ, will be preaching.

THIS SERVICE WILL BE HELD AT UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN THE CHAPEL OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD. Robert Carr Chapel will be closed for the next two weeks as it undergoes some painting repairs, and University Christian Church has graciously allowed Brite to utilize its facilities during this time. The schedule for Brite Chapel events held off campus is as follows:

Tuesday, January 26 — worship, UCC Chapel (11:00-11:45)
Wednesday, January 27 — Eucharist, UCC Chapel (12:15-12:45) Tuesday, February 2 — worship, UCC Sanctuary (11:00-12:00)
Wednesday, February 3 — Eucharist, UCC Chapel (12:15-12:45)

University Christian Church is located on the northwest corner of S. University and W. Cantey streets and is a 5min walk from Brite.

Please make plans to attend and share with us in worship, each of us called to her or his vocation and all of us called together as the community of faith.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Rev. Michael N. Riggs
Acting Director of Chapel
Brite Divinity School
Fort Worth, Texas