Call for Papers – Religion and Time

October 7, 2011

*Symposia: The Graduate Student Journal of the Centre for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto*

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The editorial team extends a cordial call for original, unpublished papers investigating the link between religion and time. Ours has been described as a society suffering from space-time compression, a state in which ‘time passes us by’ and we are forever ‘running out of time’ as global capitalism speeds up the pace of life. Closely related to this, some might argue, time plays a key role in many of our anxieties – in the ‘panicked nature’ of reactions to perceived emergencies, in which action is constantly required now, lest delay bring disaster, or in the nervous approach of December 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar. As a cultural element, religion is not immune to these influences, as we observe with the eschatological guessing-game of some Christian groups. But how are religion and time related in a given context, and how can we extend our analysis beyond the modern day?

We welcome articles that address the relation between religion and time in the contexts of geography, psychology, history, anthropology, gender studies, philosophy, political science, cultural studies and sociology, as well as those which extend the subject across historical and geographical boundaries.


The following sub-fields have been designed to allow for a flexible interpretation of this volume’s theme, as well as to encourage submissions reflecting a broad spectrum of interests and disciplines. The editorial team gladly welcomes applications which fall outside of these parameters:

• Religious seasons, calendars, liturgical time and holy days
• Ritual and time
• Time in literature, scripture, narrative and oral histories
• Foundational, mythic and eschatological discourses
• The ‘end times’
• Eternity and afterlife; time cycles
• Philosophies of time and temporalities
• Telescoping and collapsing time
• Prophetic time and constructions of the future

Articles written in clear, grammatical, and fluent English or French will be considered. Articles should not exceed 25 pages in length. The deadline for submissions is Friday, 28 October, 2011.

Articles should be submitted by email to Rebekka King (