Community Life

Community ConversationA commitment to community weaves through everything we do at Brite. The weekly schedule includes multiple opportunities for worship, spiritual growth, and collaborative learning.

On Tuesdays at 11:00 am, Brite and TCU students, faculty, staff, the Fort Worth community, and beyond are  gather for Brite Chapel Worship Experience. The first Tuesday of the month, the community gathers immediately following the service for Community Conversation. These are meaningful gatherings during which students, faculty, and staff listen and learn in a more informal setting, and address together issues of importance to the community. On Thursdays at 11 a.m., we convene for a casual Coffee Hour in Weatherly Hall, which serves as a student lounge and gathering space. Occasional gatherings include faculty colloquies, guest lectures, and special events.

Student associations play an active role in cultivating community life. Students organize activities, provide leadership in worship, and partner in student groups around shared concerns.

An open-door ethos contributes to the character of community life at Brite. Faculty and staff welcome conversation outside the classroom. Brite’s 10-1 student-faculty ratio makes for small classes where dialogue is encouraged and collaborative relationships are formed.

The life of the community reflects Brite’s commitment to an open table where all are invited and made welcome and through which all are valued by God and one another.