Lent Series: 40 days to End Violence Against Women: Week 3 Colombia

March 2, 2010

Dear Friends,

As we enter the third week of Lent, this study course – Cries of Anguish, Stories of Hope: A Lenten Study on the worldwide struggle to end Violence Against Women – turns its attentions to Colombia. (http://women.overcomingviolence.org)

You can use the online resources as they suit you best – on your own, or with a group from your church or area. We suggest you watch the film first. – ‘Choosing life and health in a region of death’ was made by the UN to bring attention to the plight of the 4 million people in Colombia who have been forced to flee their homes because of violence. Of the 43 million people in Colombia, 64% live below the poverty line. There were over 200,000 illegal killings over the past decade but it is estimated that 97% of all crimes, including murder, are never prosecuted. As is often the case, women suffer disproportionately during times of social violence and unrest. (http://women.overcomingviolence.org)

We also have a Bible Study from a Colombian pastor, testifying to the remarkable courage of those who dare to reclaim their land, discussion questions, an interactive reflection page and prayers that relate to the video.

There are three more films in all, to correspond with the remaining three weeks of Lent. You can use any or all of these for your Lenten Study, as aids to reflection and learning.

We have provided some links to local support services, in case you or someone in your group finds this study raises issues for them which require professional support.

During this time of reflection and introspection we pray that our videos and studies will be a starting point for you. Thank you for sharing this time with us.

This study has been designed by the World Council of Churches, the World Student Christian Federation and the World YWCA. We look forward to accompanying you during your Lenten journey.

Go check it out! http://women.overcomingviolence.org


The Creative Team


Brite Student Association


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