Mary’s Hope – The spiritual aspects of recovery from abuse

September 15, 2009

Pastoral Care for those recovering from sexual abuse is an issue every pastor will encounter in the parish or specialized ministry.

On October 8 and 10, the Brite Pastoral Care Center, Tarrant Area Community of Churches, and First Congregational Church will host a workshop called “Mary’s Hope.” The workshop attends to the spiritual aspects of recovery from abuse and is appropriate for pastors, family members, survivors of sexual abuse, and others interested in the topic.

I encourage you to print off the attached brochure and publicize it to the members of your congregation and community, or to friends and colleagues. Or, you can stop by my office (by the Admissions Office) and pick up a copy to make copies to give to others.

As you see, the Thursday night event is open to anyone at a relatively low cost. The all-day Saturday workshop, however, is limited to 50 participants, so it is important that people register as soon as possible.

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