On behalf of Danny Mynatt: NABPR: Update, 2010 Annual Meeting and Call for Papers

January 7, 2010

Last Call for Proposals for the 2010 Annual NABPR Meeting in Atlanta!

Submission Deadline is January 15!

Greetings NABPR

Attached you will find the Call for Papers for our Annual Meeting, May 23-26, 2010 on the campus of McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta. Please save the date and submit a proposal.

Our meeting in Baylor was a tremendous success. Registration was approximately 80, and the program was very good. We offer our gratitude to Rosalie Beck and the entire Baylor crew who worked hard to make the meeting a success. The minutes from the meeting are also attached.

At the Baylor meeting, NABPR voted to hold a summer meeting in 2011 in addition to a November meeting. We are now taking proposals from any institution who wishes to host NABPR in 2011. If you are interested, please get in touch with me for details.

I appreciate your continued support for NABPR.

Danny Mynatt

Executive Secretary-Treasurer

NABPRCallforPapers 2010.doc