Outside Employment While Attending Brite

Most of our students work while attending Brite. Some arrive already employed. Some begin their job search after being accepted into a degree program based on the beginning date of their studies. Opportunities for employment are as varied for students as they are for graduates. Many students coordinate their employment with Supervised Ministry expectations.

There are a variety of on-campus employment opportunities. For information, contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 817.257.7587.

The majority of students who work find employment off-campus. Some congregations seeking students for part-time employment contact our Office of Field Education and Supervised Ministry. There is a Bulletin Board on which these notices are posted. For additional information about these opportunities, contact the Office of Field Education and Supervised Ministry, 817.257.7580.

Also, your local denominational officer(s) might be helpful, depending on polity and practice.

Here are additional links to explore employment opportunities in the Fort Worth-Dallas area:

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