Borderlands Travel Seminar

January 2020
Permission of the Instructor Needed


  • a tour of the border by Border Patrol
  • a visit to Tohono O’odham Reservation
  • a visit to environmental sites
  • discussions with border studies scholars and community activists
  • a visit with religious advocates of immigration

Travel Dates: Arrival: the afternoon (around 3pm) of Saturday, January 4th, and departure is Thursday, January 9th (around 3pm). *If you choose to arrive prior to January 4th or depart after January 9th, you will be responsible for your own ground transportation, lodging and food.

Cost: Travel, food and hotel (1 room: 1 student) are covered by the Henry Luce Foundation for Theological Education. Each student, is responsible for the tuition (3 credit hours) and fees.

Background Check: To participate in the Arizona tour to the border fence (“wall”) the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) vets all students prior to the trip. If you are in the U.S. on a student visa, you may not be granted permission. Personal information will be requested by DHS.

Health: Students must provide proof of health insurance. Also, consult your physician about your health in light of your travel plans. While strenuous walking is not a regular part of the travel seminar, there may several occasions when a long walk is necessary to reach a certain location. Frequent movement in and out of a transport van will also be part of travel seminar. Please consult Francisco Lozada ( if you anticipate limitations.

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