Borderlands Travel Seminar














Spring 2019
Permission of the Instructor Needed
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  • a tour of the border by Border Patrol
  • a visit to a processing center
  • a visit to the International Boundary and Water Commission
  • discussions with border studies scholars and community activists
  • a visit to colonias and health care facilities
  • a visit with religious leaders and communities

Travel Dates: Arrival: the afternoon (around 3pm) of Saturday, January 5th, and departure is Thursday, January 10th (around 3pm). *If you choose to arrive prior to January 5th or depart after January 10, you will be responsible for your own ground transportation, lodging and food.

Cost: Travel, food and hotel (1 room: 1 student) are covered by the Henry Luce Foundation for Theological Education. Each student, is responsible for the tuition (3 credit hours) and fees.

Background Check: To participate in the El Paso tour to the border fence (“wall”) the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) vets all students prior to the trip. Personal information will be requested by DHS.

Health: Students must provide proof of health insurance. Also, consult your physician about your health in light of your travel plans. While strenuous walking is not a regular part of the travel seminar, there may several occasions when a long walk is necessary to reach a certain location. Frequent movement in and out of a transport van will also be part of travel seminar. Please consult Francisco Lozada ( if you anticipate limitations.

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  • Attend a 60-minute info session (TBD) on how to study in a travel seminar, travel, housing, food, financing, clothing, academics and more. Below are some pre-departure info.