Resource Discovery Tool/Graduate Student Invite

May 22, 2010

Research Made Easier

Do you often wonder where to start when doing library research? If you answered yes, then we’d love to hear from you.

The library invites you to Vendor Demos and Q&A sessions from four different companies that offer “Resource Discovery Tools.”

What is a Resource Discovery Tool?

These tools help researchers navigate through the library’s diverse resources from a single search mechanism. With the ability to search from one interface, one can more easily and efficiently conduct research without the frustration of knowing where to start and how to use multiple database interfaces. A resource discovery tool can capture a variety of resources – books, articles, streaming resources, media, etc. – from different databases with a single search mechanism.

Why we do we want your feedback?

As we shop for one of these tools, we’d like to hear from the people that use the library to insure, if we purchase resource discovery software, it best meets the needs of our users.

The library invites you to attend the four vendor demos. If you can’t make it to all of them, feel free to come to the ones you can make. We’ll solicit feedback from those that attended.

All sessions will be held in the Library Conference Room (B29) on the lower level:

To read more about Resource Discovery Tools, see this article (available via our online resources):
Breeding, Marshall. “The state of the art in library discovery 2010.” Computers in Libraries 30.1 (Jan-Feb 2010): 31(4).

If you have further questions regarding the library’s search for a new resource discovery tool, please contact Tracy Hull at 817.257.7696.

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