Winter weather alert

January 28, 2010

Dear Students,

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is under a winter storm watch tonight through tomorrow morning. This means there could be an accumulation of ice or snow in the area that could disrupt travel. If the Provost decides to delay or close the University, that information will be sent to the campus by 6:30 a.m. via TCU ALERT*, posted on the TCU home page (under the Top News Stories heading) and recorded on TCU’s information line (817-257-INFO or 4636). Additionally, the information also will be sent to local television and radio stations.

No notice will be sent or posted if the University remains open.

*Please note:
1). If you have not yet signed up for TCU ALERT, you will need to check the home page, e-mail or recorded info line for delayed opening or closure information. Numbers entered today will not be added to the system TCU ALERT will not be able to add new cell or home phone numbers by tomorrow. However, please make sure to sign up so that in the future you can receive this information via your cell or home phone.
2). Weather alerts sent via TCU ALERT are restricted to text messages to cell phones, not current or home numbers.
3). The e-mail delay/closure message will come from a generic e-mail address; the text will come from number 89361.

(message approved by Dr. Nowell Donovan, Provost)